Halloween Hallow’s Read & Ghostoria

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Oct 292015
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Halloween Hallow’s Read & Ghostoria Book Trailer

neil gaiman hallows readI just received an ad about Neil Gaiman starting a new tradition called All Hallow’s Read! The idea is to give a book as a Halloween gift. But not just any book. A scary book! Well, of course I recommend Ghostoria! Its got something for everyone. If you haven’t heard about the short story collection make sure to read the description or read the reviews.

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Some of my fave scary reading is:

Ghostoria: Video Book Trailer

I’ve got a special treat for y’all. I premiered Ghostoria: Vintage Romantic Tales of Fright video trailer last week with my email list subscribers and they loved it. Now, I’m happy to share it with you and the world! I hope you like it, too. I’m testing out this site called Animoto. Its easy and fun to do and ideal for writers who would rather be writing. I made the Girl in the Jitterbug Dress trailer through Movie Maker and it took all day. Animoto only took an hour! I haven’t decided if I want to jump in and pay for a year subscription, yet. Although it’s fun to make book trailers, I’m not sure how many a year I would make and the least expensive service is approximately $100 a year. Not bad, but I need that money for editing and cover designs. Don’t you?

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Have a Happy Hallow’s Read!


Do you have any favorite Halloween traditions? What are some of your favorite Halloween books or scary story books?

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  1. I really like your trailer for Ghostoria. If I didn’t already have a copy it would definitely get me to look the book up. I used to make a tradition of watching horror movies throughout the whole month of October, usually starting with the original Dracula and Frankenstein. I read horror all year long, and it’s definitely scarier than a movie would be, but I’m still going with the movies. We’re going to do an all day binge October 31. Maybe start with the remake of Fright Night. With David Tennant and Collin Farrell!!!

  2. I think the trailer is great. I’ll be looking at that avenue for my Civil War novels. A

    And I’m taking my copy of Ghostoria to my granddaughters tomorrow for us to read – but probably not this Halloween. We’ll just make up a story this year about the pretty spooky lady on the cover.

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