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The Synopsis

Indiana Belle by John A. Heldt (April 14, 2016) is a time-travel, clean romantic, adventure. When a doctoral student finds a picture of a 1920s  flapper in a packet of primary source data, he becomes fascinated with the young woman and her tragic past. He tracks down time-travel expert, Professor Geoffrey Bell, and convinces Bell to send him into the past. Bell complies, but with the stipulation that Cameron bring back more of the crystals that make time-travel possible and not change the past. We feel for Cameron as he struggles with questions that haunt him: What if you fall in love, and the woman will be murdered in an atrocious way? Do you allow history to repeat, or do you attempt to change it, save her and try to manage the repercussions later.


What I liked about it

  • I like how Heldt wove historical facts like the Indiana tornado into the narrative.
  • The female protagonist is extremely likable and compelling. I enjoyed her struggle in a male dominated world where woman were not supposed to be intelligent, hard-hitting reporters.
  • I loved the visit to a 1920s speakeasy and the juxtaposition of the revival tent.
  • The glimpse into the ugly past of the KKK was a nice touch, and the author didn’t get too bogged down in it.
  • The time-travel aspect was original, interesting, and mostly believable.
  • The cover was subtle and sweet, and drew me in right away.
  • I enjoyed the romance element in the story and found it appropriate for all ages as there was no steamy scenes.
  • Fun time-travel plot twist toward the end.


What I didn’t like about it

  • At first, it was hard to feel sympathy for Cameron, the lead character. He came off a bit poor rich kid and pushed his way into the time-travel.
  • Some of the antagonists motivations were not developed and a little two-dimensional.
  • At times, the dialogue seemed choppy or repetitive and stilted. I would have liked to see more action beats as opposed to dialogue tags.
  • The pacing was a little slow until about half-way through when the conflict kicked in, and I couldn’t put it down.
  • There did not seem to be any butterfly effect. Cameron’s actions had no repercussions for the future.

roaring-20s-party-indiana-belleFavorite Quotes

He had to admit that Kansas did not have on its best face. From 35,000 feet in early March, it looked like a scraggly brown mat that someone had left on a porch.

“Frequenting a brothel is not a transgression,” Candice said. “It’s a sign of bad breeding.”
Men in raccoon coats, straw hats, and wingtip shoes played cards and smoked cigars. Women in straight, loose dresses and silk stockings vied for their attention. Stylish couples talked at tables, crowded around a bar, or danced to cutting-edge jazz on a parquet floor.
Attired in a sequined dress, pearls, and a cloche hat, Candice Bell looked like a silver dollar in a jar full of pennies.


Although Indiana Belle tends toward lighter and shorter fiction than I usually recommend for Girl in the Jitterbug Dress readers, this story makes for an enjoyable fun, quick read with enough vintage flair to keep vintage enthusiasts entertained. The characters are likeable, plot believable, and the 1920s world of flappers, gangsters, and gun molls delightful. Indiana Belle will whirl you through the pages, leaving you happy and entertained. The perfect read for travel, vacation days, or lackluster evenings.

 Vintage Enthusiast Rating

Fashion: ♥♥♥

Music: ♥

Dance: ♥♥


Have you read Indiana Belle or other books by Heldt? Which is your favorite? Do you like the 1920s? Can you Charleston? Please comment below.

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  1. Great review, thank you so much for sharing. And I love your header!

  2. What a fascinating premise for a novel. I can scarcely think of a vintage lover around who wouldn’t welcome the chance to do the same and see our beloved past firsthand. When I reflect on that topic, I’m often struck by how many things would likely differ from how we perceive them nowadays, but by the same token, we’d probably be surprised by how many were largely the same. If only such (time travel) was possible, eh?

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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