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Having much enjoyed the author’s short story compilation Ghostoria: Vintage Romantic Tales of Fright, I was excited to read her new novel The Flapper Affair. I wasn’t disappointed. Both in and out of step with time, this book dances to its own tune. I love original tales where I’m truly not sure what’s going to happen, and I thought this story went from strength to strength. A love letter to the 1920s, it twists and turns, seductive and colorful characters waltzing you through what is at once an intriguing murder mystery and an absorbing paranormal romance.

Eduard and Mia experience the throes of teenage love while exploring the bounds of what’s possible and trying to set the past right. But what if setting things right means being ripped apart?

This book is a treat for anyone who likes historical romance with a difference. Executed with twist and flair, in turns playful and poignant, The Flapper Affair will keep you on your toes till the very last step.”

Sara Litchfield
Writer of The Night Butterflies 

I just finished ‘The Flapper Affair’ and really enjoyed it. It’s the first fiction novel I’ve had a chance to sit down and read since I had my son 9 months ago. I also haven’t read a paranormal book in so long I forgot how fun they are — especially when you add the mystique of time travel.

I thought the writing was good and romantic and the pace went well. I was hooked after 50 pages or so. If you were ever a Christopher Pike fan back in the day (I was obsessed in the 90s as an early teenager) and the vibe felt similar to his writing. Especially my two favorites ‘remember me’ and ‘see you later.’ This is meant as a high compliment 😊

I also really liked how the novel intertwined the love story with the time travel. It felt believable and I definitely connected with the love of dance – probably even more so because of my own addiction to it.

A fun read!

B. Horvitz

I’m a fan of Tam Francis’ writing and love how easily i get to fall back into time with her stories and characters.

This is my first paranormal read, and though I was bit hesitant, I was extremely surprised of how much I enjoyed it!

Like her previous novels (Girl in the Jitterbug Dress and the sequel) she knew her history, slang, terms, etc, making it easy for the reader to enjoy.

It was a light and easy read, her chapters being divided just in the right places to want you push through another one, leaving you wanting more… I finished this book in less than 2 days!

I look forward to her future work as o honestly haven’t been disappointed with what I’ve read of hers.

Vintage lifestyle blogger/writer 

“When I read a romance, paranormal or not, I’m most interested in how the book makes me feel throughout. I desire to feel that mysterious quality of a budding relationship and the excitement it brings. I like historical romance that not only takes me away from my everyday life, but also teaches me something about the era. I also appreciate a good mystery. This book delivers.

If I had my druthers, the main characters would have been just a few years older—teen angst and lust is just not my cup of tea. The author’s writing style and word choices paint a wonderful picture that draws you in to the setting of the 1920s—it’s easy to forget that it’s 2017.”

Pagan Jackson

“This was my first read from the author and from what I know of her, I see the parallels between her life and the characters of the book. “Eduard felt the same way. Out of sync with the modern era he was born into. “ “Thinking about it now, he realized he’d always been a bit strange, caught in the wrong era.” I feel like Tam is just that, a spirit from days past living in 2017 and writing books.

As an old married guy I found myself reliving some of my early puppy love experiences through the experiences of the male character. There’s a lot of beautiful imagery described here too that made the read very pleasant.

The author also takes the time at the end of the book to share some interesting notes and influences that shaped some of the settings, as an example, the art on the walls of the story’s Waverly Mansion.

A very fun time transport from the author!”

Amazon Reviewer “R”



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