Dec 202013
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~ Working at the Calendar Kiosk at Christmas Time in Rhyme  ~

Christmas seems to be the time to rhyme and I am not immune to its charm. I offer up a light fare of poems written in Haiku when I worked one Christmas for Borders Books and Music and was stationed in the Calendar Kiosk in the center of the mall. I re-arranged them in a (hopefully) cohesive flowing order.

shop girlVoice cacophony

like ocean rises and falls

Sunday in the mall


Christmas lights aglow

where is cheer, goodwill to men

buying shopping spend


Handsome faces stare

pages for each, all the year

calendars for sale


magazine rack 40sGirls, girls butts and boobs

he wanted to buy Hot Buns

I embarrass him


She points, kicks and screams

like a piglet squealing proud

child is indulged


Lost Pacifier

idle on the marble floor

somewhere a babe cries


mom and baby 40sPocket, purses, shirts

Marc Jacobs, Tommy, Chanel

why wear other’s name


Quincenera bride

ready for the world to wed

many beaus to bed


Old man wanderlust

dirty fingernails and hair

that guy creeps me out


fancy dance 1940sInternational

German, Spanish, Tagalog

English spoken here


Races, colors swirl

America’s melting pot

We all become one


Old Lady hobbles

like an injured buffalo

you look bored, she said


Do you have any Christmas retail or sales stories? Have you written any Christmas poems or stories? Do you write much around the holidays? How does Christmas affect your mood? Do you like the Haiku format?

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