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“This enchanting story teases at possible connections through time. It hits the ground running with so much character, romance and emotion that the parallel stories are a delicious bonus. A beautiful story, which is told with skill and humor and transports us back to a simpler time. Violet and June seem real. The emotions are both raw and lovely, and the descriptions are so breathtaking you can see the dance halls and malt shops and feel the dance. I found myself completely involved with the characters and their stories and it left me begging for more at the end… ”

Lynnda Shepherd
Swing Dancer & Events Coordinator

“GitJD transported me to a simpler time filled with dance halls, romance, heartache, patriotism and fabulous fashion. Reading the details of June discovering swing dance and vintage culture for the first time was exhilarating and fun. I found this novel refreshing and impossible to put down. ”

Electra Hale
Electra’s Vintage Remix, Owner
Miss Electra’s Curios on

“Music and dancing connect the chapters, the line between new and vintage blurs, narration flows quickly and emotions leap off the pages. When the characters dance, I feel myself carried away. ”

  Jeff Curtiss Welch
Amazing Writer’s Workshop, author/writer

“In The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress, Francis captures the details of the time – of dance halls and jazz bands, the clothes, the social mores, and the patriotism, all while never letting go of all things romantic and exciting. Its characters are wrought skillfully and imaginatively by Francis, a first-time novelist, providing a warm account of more innocent times while making an unspoken comparison with the way we live now. The Girl in the Jitterbug dress is a fond backward glance which will transport you through time.”

Jill Michalski
Vintage Collector

“My toes began to tap as I time-traveled back to the 1940s while reading The Girl in Jitterbug Dress. I absolutely loved swing dancing with Violet! And when debut author Tammy Francis introduced me to June from the 1990s I couldn’t wait to see what the two characters would learn from each other.”

Shelley Miller
Home Exchange Expert, author




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