Are You a Social Media Addict?

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Sep 122013
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40s switchboard girl~ Are You a Social Media Addict? ~

When Candace Johnson invited me to guest blog, I was grateful and thrilled. In keeping with the themes of Candace’s blog, I wanted to share my writerly (really love this new-for-me word) experience.

Lately, I’ve been on a crash course to catch up to the social media standard for writers. So much of the writer life is in our heads. Even as we physically read these words, we are in our heads. Cyberspace isn’t a real place, though real people are at the end of the tangled tapestry. They are in their heads at their computers.

When I began building my writer platform, I couldn’t wait to check my inbox to see who followed me today or if anyone commented on my comments.

I was an addict, and social media was my drug.

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Are you a social media addict? Tell me about out here or there. What social media outlets have been worth your time for driving traffic to your site or sales? What social media outlet is the most fun?

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